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Northwest Nature Matters

Jan 30, 2019

A fascinating conversation with Taal Levi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University.

Taal is a geneticist and ecologist with a broad research focus including assessing the ecological consequences of wildlife over-exploitation, fisheries management, the ecology...

Jan 16, 2019

A conversation with Mark Penninger about the natural history and conservation of the bighorn sheep. Mark is the Forest Biologist for the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, and a bighorn sheep and mountain goat specialist.

Called the "koepa" by the Northern Paiute people, the bighorn sheep is an icon of the mountain West;...

Jan 2, 2019

A fascinating conversation with Michael P. Nelson, an environmental scholar, writer, teacher, speaker, consultant, and Professor of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy. He holds the Ruth H. Spaniol Chair of Renewable Resources and serves as the Lead Principal Investigator for the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Long-Term...